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  • Brief History of Fisher & Paykel Top Loading Autowashers

    It’s been decided this post fits better on NZ Techonverse so the series has been moved over there, the first part is now up and the other parts will be progressively added.

  • A Tale Of Two Electricities

    This post is about electricity and how the Government has taken a cavalier approach to it in the last 30 years or so in NZ. Firstly in electrical safety, and secondly in the provision of electricity at a cost that people can afford. So let’s look at electrical safety. We can remember Consumer magazine reporting…

  • Steam Mopping Vs Chemical Cleaning [1]

    I’ve decided to take a foray into the world of steam cleaning your house and household items due to the obvious need that we will all have to do a lot more cleaning because of Covid-19 risk. Of course we can also use vinegar instead of chemicals to clean our houses, but using steam is…